Old West End Records in Toledo

Ben Langlois is a Toledoan who has started his own record label. Here’s his explination of what that means:

Old West End Records is a local company.  Its mission is to create cool music.  By doing so OWErecs hopes to have a much broader effect: providing our community with authentic midwest culture.  People in our community are realizing, more now than ever, that we need to use fewer foreign resources and consume fewer shipped goods.  The same should stand for our entertainment and our cultural stimulus.

OWErecs has no theme or style restriction.  Toledo music is ultra diverse. So are the tastes of its appreciators.

Upcoming events:

Old West End Records will host evenings oozing with midwest culture at the Ottowa Tavern on Adams St., Uptown. Performances each evening by one of OWErecs’ acts and, of course, an OWErecs Dj. September 10th and 24th.

Also, have a blast with the OWErecs old time country music trio, the Blowing Grains, at the Glass City Cafe on August 29th.  The Bluegrass Breakfast starts at 10AM.

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