Make Me – “House of Brakes”

Angular guitars start off the album before the mood quickly shifts to something more digestible. Make Me brings to mind a more polished Vivian Girls. Vocalist/ Keyboardist Claire Haynie has a pretty good voice that brings a pop sensibility to some of the more post-punk stylings on this album. There’s really some great guitar/drum interplay on track 5, “Matters”. This was probably my personal favorite. The other members of the band sing some great backup vocals on this and a few other tracks. Track 6 “ru486”, showcases some cool vocals by the other members as well. The album drags a bit towards the end, focusing too much on some relatively cheesy pop clichés. Overall, I’d recommend checking this out for people who dig The Vivian Girls, Heavenly, or other female fronted indie rock acts. C+

-DJ Mazzy Maz

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