The Satin Peaches – “Morning Maid”

You know how the singer from The Silversun Pickups kind of sounds like a girl? The Satin Peaches are the same way, at least on the first track from “Morning Maid”, “Emma.” There’s a bit of a early 2000s garage rock revival sound going on with the Peaches. There’s some nice melodic guitar work on a few tracks, especially on “Still Sour” that has a bit of a dance flavor to it as well. Track 3, “Well Well Well Well” sounds like a rip off of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” at first, before tearing into a heavier chorus that sounds like early grungy Radiohead. The Satin Peaches vocalist is my biggest issue, sometimes he sounds a bit too feminine, other times it works, and just every now and again he pulls off a distressed Thom Yorke. The instrumentation on “Wash Away” is really phenomenal, taking on a dreamlike Sonic Youth appeal. But the vocals don’t really strike my fancy. There’s a bit of an old British rock sound that comes through with the Satin Peaches that’s pretty sweet. I think these guys have something good going, although I’ve found my flaws I’d recommend it to those who enjoy the Silversun Pickups, or any other Indie bands who rock out but find plenty of room for pop melodies. B-

-DJ Mazzy Maz

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