Miley Cyrus is the reason I’m losing my mind

Our first clue to the stupidity of the idea: the name, Hannah Montana. Already a huge mistake. Step two in the destruction of my sanity as well as everything right and good in the world: the casting. Miley Cyrus had no particular talents to speak of. She could not sing, she could not act, and she did not look very attractive on the small screen. The whole reason Disney made the horrible decision to select her for the television show, Hannah Montana, was the inclusion of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, performer of “Achy Breaky Heart”, in the show itself. And because of it, I have to put up with Miley Cryus taking over the world and I am not happy about it.

Miley calls herself an artist. Nothing about the poorly written, horribly sung music she produces can be called “art”. In fact, Miley doesn’t even write her own songs. In an interview about her newest single “Party in the USA”, the interviewer asked Miley about the “Jay-Z song” she sings about in the single. Miley said she never listened to Jay-Z and that she didn’t know any of his songs. She didn’t like pop music and, furthermore, someone else wrote the song. She just chose it “because I needed something to go with my clothing line… it’s not even my style of music.” She just sings (sing being a relative term) what they give her. Miley obviously does not deserve all the fame and appreciation she receives if she doesn’t even write her own music and turns her nose up at other artists, especially one more famous and more successful than her.

My biggest problem with Miley Cyrus, aside from her inability to do well any of things she receives so much money for, has to be her misconception about her fan base. Miley found fame on the Disney channel. The people who watch her avidly each week do not match her in age. She does not appeal to her peers. What would any sixteen year old (and up) find appealing about an ugly girl who sings horribly about “girls nights out” and the fictional double life she leads? But Miley apparently lives under the impression that her peers enjoy her music. That must be why she dances on stripper poles on national television and dances in short shorts and a push up bra in her latest music video. She obviously does not remember that young fans look up to her and part of her job is to be a good role model for them. Instead she tries, it seems, to appeal to boys her age with her tasteless routine.

I honestly feel as though Miley Cyrus is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. How did a girl with virtually no talent become so famous? And how does she retain that fame, even though she’s trying her hardest to alienate the parents of her young fans? Miley lives under a misconception of her own talent and of the people who purchase her music and watch her on television. It irks me the flippant way she deals with her fame. I cannot wait for the day when Miley Cyrus fades away. The day will surely come. No Disney star lasts very long. And that’s all she is, in the end. A Disney channel star whose father wrote a lame one hit wonder back in the ‘90s.

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