The iPad is an iFail

hero_20100127After yesterdays launch of the iPad or Apple’s attempt at increasing the size of the iPod Touch or iPhone, without much improvement. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way purposely hate on Apple products, I’m typing this on my beautiful MacBook Pro. Starting off with pros: An LED-backlit display, which Apple says, is “remarkably crisp and vivid. Which makes it perfect for web browsing, watching movies, or viewing photos.” Next up Multi-touch, that’s nothing new to the Apple hand held division. Apple has such a firm grasp on it; when Google and HTC launched the Nexus One, Apple asked them to disable it’s Multi-touch function, and Google complied. Of course it’s thin and light, has a long battery life, and is WiFi and 3G compatible.

Moving on to the iPad’s less satisfying characteristics. No multitasking. The iPad only allows one task to be done at time, i.e. no streaming music while typing on it’s enlarged iPod Touch/iPhone input system. No camera. The iPod line seems to be going the way of including a camera on their products, why not sneak one into that huge bezel around the screen. The huge bezel. Why such a need for it, unless your thumbs are ten inches in diameter you’re not going to accidentally input on the screen. The screen. Sure it’s a 9.7″ LED-backlit display, but come on, a 4:3 screen, in the HD era we need a wide screen. App Store Only. The iPad only runs applications from the App Store, which doesn’t support applications that Apple doesn’t see fit to be on their products. For the low-low price ($499 16GB WiFi-only edition) we should expect much more. The iPad is simply an expanded iPod Touch or iPhone minus the wide screen. For something that is supposed to take on the Netbook market it doesn’t seem to step up to the plate.

Apple is exploiting their popularity potential, they seem to be operating on the mantra of “If we build it, they will buy it.” The people over at Axiotron have been building their own Apple tablet for years. The Modbook takes a standard MacBook and transforms it into a tablet, oh and it can run whatever you can throw at it. I don’t recommend you become an early adopter of the iPad, give Apple some time to notice what they have done and to later release the iPad 2.0.

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  1. The iPad wasn't meant to replace the high-end tablet. Its purpose is more for entertaining than working, while retaining a 'semi-hybrid' connection between the two. Besides who is doing a better job?

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