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Oh, you know what time is…Internet Gem time. It’s been awhile since our last encounter. I spent Winter break scouring the bowels of the Internet searching to bring you the best of the Internet’s worst. Nothing solves a problem like a roll of duct tape, pliers, and a fistful of luck. Putting “do it yourselfers” to shame There, I Fixed It (TIFI) is this month’s Internet Gem.

There, I Fixed It claims:

“Anytime anyone anywhere has used duct tape, zip-ties and bubble gum to hold something together with just enough tensile strength to not instantly kill everyone in the room…that’s a kludge. Whether it was to get your first car, which was older than you, to last another month or simply to avoid having to buy new headphones, almost everyone has kludged something. We just encourage taking photos for e-fame.”

There, I Fixed It is part of the Cheezburger Network, home of such sites as Lolcats, FAIL Blog, and Engrish. TIFI is a hodgepodge of OSHA violations and lawsuits just waiting to happen. The site features such images as books being an integral part of the structural integrity of a ceiling, two pens being used as chopsticks, and what seems to be their favorite on going joke, of strange door locations leading to Narnia.

So if you have less than ten fingers, know what it feels like to ride a 120 volts, or have said “we were nearly decapitated,” put on your hard hat and stroll over to There, I Fixed It, it’s the safe alternative, unless the innards of your computer rest comfortably in a bed of water for it to remain cool, while exposed wires power your monstrosity.

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