shmehhSo it’s been awhile Internet. This will be my new take at all things related to The University of Toledo, and WXUT-two of my favorite things, not in any certain order. Tobin if you are reading this, I want to be a University Blogger, make it happen, and my apologies for defacing the “more” campaign. Tomorrow my dear friend Andy will be debuting “The Weekly Gentleman,” a blog post about anything related to gentleman. My fellow gentlemen and gentlewomen I encourage you to check it out. Four weeks into class and all I can say is: “where has the time gone.” In four weeks we have DJed countless events, spammed thousands of people into “liking” our Facebook page, and preached the word of WXUT. In one year we have gone from sitting around the office watching Hulu (which we still greatly enjoy) to having at least two events a week.

As a first year Senior I have chosen to become more involved with the university and in turn significantly increasing my overall enjoyment of attending UT. As Uncle Dr. Lloyd Jacobs said…”the more a student is involved on campus, the more successful a student will be,” or something like that at a student government meeting. So without putting on my street preacher clothes consisting of an ironic t-shirt, zipper hoodie, sports coat, and jeans, I’m telling you to get involved on campus, or where ever you’re at. You can drift along just attending class but then you are…just attending class, and what’s the fun in that? WXUT is always looking for DJs and I need an assistant!

Music Fest 2010 was one of the best experiences if my life, mad gangster props to Amelia, Alexander, Cultural Ambassadors, CAP, and whoever else was involved in making it one of the best events I’ve ever been allowed to yell “TOL” into a microphone at (besides the RSA bonfire two weeks before). Andy and I were first on the scene at 7:30 AM for the cerimonial raising of the stage roof, and my day ended at 11:30 PM with the cerimonial riding on the back of a golf cart back to the station. Of course there are 460 pictures on Facebook in between so you can travel over to our fan page to check those out.

That’s it for now Internet, till we meet again, always a pleasure. You can find me on That’s What She Said Sundays at 6pm and Static Sundays at 8pm, along with most events that require noise blown out of speakers, and if you haven’t found me yet I pal around in SU2515 most afternoons.


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