Am I Next?


If you are a semi-functional member of the UT community the word on the street is that all of our student leaders are going Greek. I ask myself the question: “Am I next?” In order to follow my reasoning I would have to be a student leader; I co-run a extremely successfully organization. Check. My very father was a member of a University of Toledo fraternity making me a legacy in that said chapter. My very mother keeps my father’s paddle near her at all times. In her car as a weapon. Nearly 30 years ago I suppose it was used for placing and removing breadsticks in a brick oven.

Suppose it is the brotherhood (considering frater in Latin is brother). You see it all the time in fire, police departments, and I’m sure other organizations but I’m currently drawing a blank. Most of my knowledge of fraternities comes from American Pie The Naked Mile, Beta House, and the current blockbuster success, The Book of Love. Therefore my knowledge is not accurate. Perhaps if Eugene Levy was actually in a fraternity he would have learned to get out six movies ago, what a shame. It’s not all about the pie, it’s also about giving back to the University and Toledo community.

That is where it comes down to the decision. Am I next? Well in order to answer that question I must respectively decline…to answer. I do however believe that in my tenure at the University it is not my time to enter such a community. I could possibly be losing opportunities but, I believe being part of a student organization can fill the gap of a fraternal organization. It’s not my time, although it could be yours so what’s stopping you? All the enigmas associated with fraternities and sororities? Well don’t let that be a factor until you actually investigate your chosen organization.

Go Rockets!


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  1. You know, Cam, there IS a fraternity that I read up on (I believe the info is still in your lower, left hand desk drawer) having to do with broadcasting or radio or some such thing, maybe we should start a chapter at UT.

    Think of it: “Founder Camual Norton bestowed upon UT a communications fraternity so great that unworthy new recruits had to be fended off with semi-pointed sticks.”

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