POT 8: Press Pause


We’ve made it. Next week will mark the halfway point for this semester or Part-of-Term 8. Also Monday and Tuesday will be Fall Break, giving students a much needed two days off.

Where to begin. Last week was one of the most hectic times of my career here at the University. Reflecting back on Homecoming 2010 all I have to say is: “Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Journey.” During the Thursday night bonfire I learned all my dear friends know ALL the lyrics of songs by each of those artists. We ended the less-than-stellar attendance event with a karaoke dance party with our staff and the homecoming staff, by far the most exciting part of the week. Earlier that day we provided play-by-play commentary for the car smash. FUN FACT: The 1993 Lincoln Town Car was designed by Ronald Regan, was built by Jimmy Carter and had a retail price of $85,000; with such features as conditioned air, amplitude modulation radio, and lap seat belts. Saturday afternoon we provided sound for the Ultimate Tailgate and gave away an iPad and various other giftcards with 1 in 20 odds. Once game time rolled around I strolled into the press box for my priority seating only leaving it to stand with the Chi Omega team. The Rockets then won 20-15 (not fact checked) making a great end to the homecoming week.

Fall Break is an opportune time to gather your thoughts on the school year and make a plan for how you’re going to finish up this semester; it’s also a great time to hibernate for an additional two days. This weekend will also mark the first time we do not have any DJ events only to be followed with the six the next two weeks. So sit back and Press Pause this Fall Break.

Go Rockets!


WXUT will be in this year’s Relay for Life Dec3-4 at the UT Rec Center. If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society on behalf of our team please follow the link.

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