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Well…slightly that is. Starting Monday I will be part of UT’s Marketing and Communications Office. For a few months I’ve been pondering what it would be like to work there. About a week ago I was approached with the opportunity to be part of the office, taking notice of my work for the station. I was ecstatic to say the least about getting my foot in the door and gaining experience with the University’s MARCOM Office.

Now–about turing the page, for five years and five days to be exact I’ve been an employee of a local coffee shop and eatery. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the funniest, smartest, nicest, and most caring people I have ever met. We “function” as a dysfunctional family. Although I’ll be spending the weekends with them it still feels a bit odd to me moving on; although for my own good, the flow feels disrupted. Don’t get me wrong, I want nothing more to become an associate VP of something in two years or so, it’s just odd. I’ve had opportunities to leave before, none of those materialized. I do know that I see some the closest ones everyday, and that I’m not gone completely; but one day we will all go different ways (staying connected hopefully) and think back on the relationships of the past knowing that they helped shape who we are today.

So as I turn the page (slightly with the previous page still rabbit eared) take time to remember the past and whether or not you want it to influence your present and future. Enough reflection for this week! Don’t be bullies and respect other’s orientation. Sounds good.

Go Rockets!


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