When Life Gives You Don Lemons, Make Lemonade.


It is quite to meet you, if we haven’t met my name is Cam Norton, I’m your friendly neighborhood Internetvangelist. One week ago I wrote the Campbell’s Heart-Warming Blog of the Week (sponsorship not confirmed). In one week or four days in intern terms I’ve spent my days in University Communications learning everything I need to know about the university TV system and social media from Chris and Amanda.

Not to toot the university’s horn but when was the last time your school was on CNN? The answer is Wednesday. That’s right CNN’s own Don Lemon stopped by UT for his nomadic-series where he wanders around the country featuring people’s thoughts and feelings on the current “times.” Thankfully Don happens to have a CNN satellite truck following him to broadcast this to the cable news viewing audience. Don and I exchanged an elbow bump and I even managed to spare him a WXUT-shirt and wrist and now I’ve been informed ankle band. Sarcasm aside the visit was great for the university and featured three different live shots totaling over 12 minutes of coverage (3 years in TV time). I helped assemble UT students for an 8 minute live shot featuring a discussion about what college students are concerned about now and in the future. We’ve all learned that everyone is tired of political attack ads. What I’m trying to say here is that I’ve had a great time learning and absorbing the ways of the University Communications office.

Now a brief message for WXUT self-promotion. Thursday November 4th at 7:15PM in Student Union room 3018 we will be holding a new member meeting. This meeting is for all new and existing members and will serve as the meet and greet for WXUT Management and DJ’s. So come one come all to our meeting!

Go Rockets!

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