What do you want me to do?

shmehhI’m not literally asking the question. I deemed it an acceptable title after taking a one-day vacation to Cleveland yesterday. If you’re still asking yourself why then you need to be watching more Nike commercials.

What have I been up to? What a kind question. In the past few weeks of lackluster blogging on the site (myUT bloggers ball is in your court) we’re hopefully back in action. In the past few weeks I’ve been settling into External Affair’s University Communications office, doing many different online content tasks and seeing UT behind-the-scenes action. I hope to secure a position here after awhile or with The University of Oregon (one can modestly dream big) in their office of Marketing & Brand Management.

What’s up next on my schedule? Well this week TEAM WXUT including myself will be participating in Relay for Life 2010 in the Rec Center from Friday to Saturday. Then on Saturday evening I will be DJing some-sort of dance sponsored by RSA.

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