Stuff Dudes Like: Zombie Apocalypse


Welcome to the first edition of Stuff Dudes Like. Stuff Dudes Like is a blog derived from its title. SDL will feature four different categories: Entertainment, Transportation, Brews, and Gear. This is a very special first edition, so grab your reading spectacles (if they are not already on) and get ready to lust over some of the best tools to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

You wake up for the usual 9-5 grind and turn on the TV. Playing on every channel is the Emergency Alert System. Looking out your window you see a platoon of the undead swarming your neighborhood. Thankfully you’ve prepared for a situation just like this.

Stuff Dudes Like


Reaching to your right you find your trusty GORUCK GR2 bag. What’s good about this thing? Well when the creator is an ex-special forces guy named “Jason” you can put your trust in this piece of gear not letting you down. It features 1000D CORDURA, MOLLE compatible grid, a laptop pocket, and a hydration bladder compartment. Don’t take off without it.


Thankfully you’re storing a 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser in your garage. Sure Toyota had some braking issues over the past year but those are a luxury when zombies are in town (hint, hint). The Cruiser will be your moving house till the cure is found. Featuring over 81 cubic feet of storage with the rear seats down, that’s home. Of course there is plenty of space up front to strap on a push (zombie) bar, flood lights, and armor.


You have an array of weapons stored in the back of your Land Cruiser but most of those feature almost non-renewable resources. Ammunition. A machete can be your best friend in the toughest of times. I’ll leave those details up to your imagination. Nothing says surviving the zombie apocalypse like a machete that can be found at your local Wal-Mart (if it isn’t swarming with the living dead already).


Sure you may not want to know what time it is when there is no one left but you, but when you have the Kobold Soarway GMT on your wrist you can’t do anything but look down. Worn by special forces and Secret Service agents alike the GMT is assembled in what used to be Pennsylvania and is powered by a Swiss automatic-winding movement so batteries will never be needed.


Once normal grocery store food goes bad you’ll have to rely on your MREs or Meals Ready to Eat. MREs feature a shelf-life of five years, so no rush. Each MRE features an entree, snack, dessert, drink mix, and condiment pack. If you’re lucky enough to rip open a meal requiring heat the MRE packs a self-heating system to bring your meal to the optimum temperature.


One of those bastards got you. You reach into your GR2 and find your Combat Gauze right where you left it. Packing your wound the bleeding stops almost instantly. As you drift into a sleep you feel bright lights splashing down onto you. The US military has come to your aide with an injection of the zombie DNA killing serum.


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