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Welcome to a new addition of the managers desk. WXUT has been moving in forward with a lot of progress. There has been growth in the number of DJs that are part of the radio station. Adobe be audition has been installed on the main computer and the production computer, if you are unsure of how to use it but have used the old version please let me know otherwise there is a help button that takes you to an operating manual. If you would like to record promos get in touch with the production director Tyler his email can be found on the contacts page. Tomorrow we will be purchasing some promotional items so that we have things to give away at events. Also I meet with the person that is in charge of putting music fest together, if anyone has any input or ideas for music fest let me know I will be able to voice any ideas or concerns from previous years. WXUT Is going to do everything we can to be a bigger part of Music Fest this year as last year we were not as involved as we would have liked.

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