Rocket Radio Fest

WXUT’s Rocket Radio fest will be here shortly. This will be an event similar to music fest, however we are going to focusing on drawing in students not the community. We are going to have students preforming and showcasing their musical talents. Which is the main difference between Radio Fest and Music fest. WXUT has been able to be a part of music fest for all three years that it has happened. We have also had a lot of students ask why we picked the bands that we did, but since we do not put on the event we do not have the final say in what bands come for music fest we can only make suggestions. Since this is the first year for the event WXUT is partnering with the student appreciation day event in the hopes of getting better attendance. The combined event is being held on April 22 and will be from 11-2 and 7-10. So come to centennial mall and listen to some music and check out all the other great things going on that day.

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