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Marisa Mindyas


2013 seemed to be the year of concerts and new albums. As for myself, this past summer I went to 6 concerts, and still have 3 left this year. If you haven’t been on iTunes lately, or any other music sites recently, you should because tons of big name artists are dropping new albums.


Katy Perry: PRISM

Katy Perry’s new album PRISM, dropped October 22nd and has been doing very well. Katy Perry is one of the most famous artists out there, and she never seems to disappoint. This new album definitely shows that her music is evolving and becoming more personal, and you can definitely tell who or what each of these new songs are about. Some of the top songs on the album include: Dark Horse, Roar, Unconditionally, Walking On Air, and By The Grace of God. Personally, I think it’s her best album yet and encourage everyone to listen to it even if you haven’t liked her past music.


Jake Miller: Us Against Them

This next artist is relatively new, but becoming more and more famous by the day. Jake Miller is a new pop singer who raps, but also has a good singing voice. His new album came out today, November 5th and so far has been really successful. He quickly moved up the iTunes charts and is selling out shows to his tour fast. This album is fun and tells his story of his life now, his future and past relationships. If you like fun, energetic music, and is open to listening to new young rappers, then I definitely suggest Jake.


The Wanted: Word of Mouth

This UK group has been around for a couple years but hasn’t gotten much spotlight because of the current biggest boy band in the world: One Direction. The Wanted is slowly rising the charts though, and becoming more popular every week. This new album really shows what they can do, and how good of singers these guys really are. These 5 guys have beautiful voices; everyone can agree on that once you listen to this album or even their EP. Word of Mouth is a very catchy album with all kinds of beats. Some songs are really fun that can easily be played in clubs, and other songs are meant to hit home. I myself am a fan. Whether you are a fan of boy bands or not, this album is definitely worth a listen. It’s not your typical boy band music.

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