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Overview: The B.E-Z Show is a College radio show founded by none other than Boyce “B.Swift” Swift. The B.E-Z Show is a hip-hop and RnB station that also includes talk radio elements. The B.E-Z Show often features numerous guests on the show from hip-hop artists, singers, student organizations, etc. The B.E-Z Show consists of B.Swift, Kenny B Inspires, LA, and Educated JA. Tune into The B.E-Z Show every Wednesday 10pm-12am. Also be on the look out for The B.E-Z Show’s spinoff show coming soon in the Spring 2014! Show 2 will include Sunshine, Strodes, Lu Straps, DJ YUNG RED, and Defonix.




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B.Swift is better known as Boyce is the founder of The B.E-Z Show. Boyce has graduated from The University of Toledo majoring in Economics. Boyce also is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Go blue!!! Be on the look out for video production from B.Swift, for he is also a member of “No Crutch Productions”.

Fun Fact: Born and raised in “the mud” Toledo, Ohio.


Each week you can catch B.Swift giving updates on the Greek life at UT in his segment Greek Corner. So tune in each week WEDS. 10PM-12AM for updates on news, scholarships, and Greek life with B.Swift on WXUT 88.3FM.

Kenny B Inspires

Kenny B Inspires is the epitome of a jack-of-all-trades. If you have been to any of the campus events at The University of Toledo you can almost bet that Kenny B is apart of it. Kenny B Inspires born Kenneth Brown is a communication major at The University of Toledo. Kenny is a student leader on the UT campus and UT SAAB President.

Fun Fact: Kenny is an In-School Detention Instructor for JLJ Vision Outreach.


Tune in every week WEDS. 10PM-12AM for Kenny B Inspires “Please Excuse Mt Hustle” segment and to listen to Kenny playing Devil’s Advocate on The B.E-Z Show.


Breon Mitchell better know, as radio personality LA of The B.E-Z Show is a 21-year old native from Columbus, Ohio. Breon studies at The University of Toledo majoring in Communication with a minor in Women’s Gender Studies. She also is a member of Alpha Chi Omega where their philanthropy is the fight against domestic violence. In the future Breon plans on pursuing a career in women’s health and also intends to attend grad school.

Fun fact: Breon used to be a manager at a coffee shop in her hometown at just 18-years old.


Every week LA brings thought provoking topics for The B.E-Z Show listeners. Tune into The B.E-Z Show each week for LA’s segment (A Women’s Point of View) and call in at 419.530.4455 to share your opinions!

Educated Ja

Jasmine Hamilton is a 23-year-old Cleveland native. She attends the University of Toledo and is a Communication major. Jasmine is a natural hair girl, who loves to help people and empower women. Future plans for Jasmine include attending grad school and traveling the world.

Fun Fact: Jasmine has won the Aunt of the year award 3 years in a row.


Jasmine Hamilton is the sassy personality on The B.E-Z Show known as Educated Ja. Each week Jasmine gives advice to The B.E-Z Show listeners in her “ASK JAS” segment. Tune in each week to listen to Educated Ja do what she does best.

Call in for advice from Jas at 419.530.4455 or send her emails at askjas88.3gmail.com that will be read live ON-AIR.

Lu Straps

Morgan Mcdougle is a junior at the University of Toledo and one of the newest additions to The B.E-Z Show. Majoring in broadcasting, Lu Straps has gained heaps of experience in the field. Morgan has interned with the local station television station BCSN and Urban Radio. Morgan’s aspiration in life is to anchor the news.

Fun Fact: Morgan loves hip-hop, and with that she would love to work for an urban magazine such as “Vibe”.


Morgan’s love for radio and television she wants to work in both fields.

Quote: “Anything is possible with God by your side” –Lu Straps

In the future, Lu Straps plans on earning her B.A. in Communication with the focus being broadcasting. 5 years from now Morgan sees herself living in California pursing her dreams.

DJ Yung Red

DJ Yung Yung Red is a 23-year-old native from Toledo, Ohio and also a University of Toledo graduate. DJ Yung Red officially began DJing back in 2006. Red grinded her way to up ranks and began by networking with local DJs via MySpace. At age 16, Red started working with DJ Big Lou the Mayor and DJ Kausion. Red then learned the ropes with these DJs by going to parties’ helping them set up & break down for shows. Her first solo gig was at Mug Shots a local bar in Toledo, Ohio.

Fun Fact: DJ Yung Red fights kids as a living.


Quote: “A female DJ can do ANYTHING a male DJ can do with the right guidance” –DJ Yung Red

DJ Yung Red salutes DJ Lou the Mayor, DJ Kausion, and DJ Doww Jonez she says without them taking her under their wings she wouldn’t be doing what she loves.

Currently, DJ Yung Red is a member of Core DJs and is also affiliated with Nerve DJs.

DJ Yung Red’s advice for aspiring DJ’s “RESPECT THE CRAFT, LEARN THE CRAFT”! 


Strodes who is more commonly known as Dominic Strodes is one of the newest members of The B.E-Z Show. Strodes is 21 years of age and is a native out of Springfield, Ohio. Currently Strodes is a junior at The University of Toledo majoring in social work. Strodes is a very chill and laid-back guy and he also is very involved at The University of Toledo. Strodes is a committee member for SAAB and he has handles public relations for SAAB.

Fun Fact: If Strodes could meet anybody it would be Anita Baker!



Defonix is 21-year-old native coming straight from the mud, Toledo, Ohio. Defonix who is also known as Cody Connally is also another new addition to The B.E-Z Show.  Cody is currently a student at the University of Toledo and Cody is majoring in Communication with a minor in Music Business. After graduation Defonix plans on working in a recording studio as a producer.

Fun Fact: Defonix has been making hip-hop music and performing live since the age of 12. Defonix also is apart of the musical hip-hop group called “PeaceKeepers”.



Sunshine who is mainly known as her birth name Megan Simmons is a student at The University of Toledo. Megan is a Communication with a focus on radio broadcasting. Megan currently is involved in a majority of all of the behind the scene duties that involves The B.E-Z Show, from website design; show production, and the show promotions and marketing.

Fun Fact: Sunshine stands for Nicki Minaj and considers herself a feminist.


Megan also is a die-hard hip-hop fan. Check Sunshine out each week expressing her opinions on events related to pop culture and the hip-hop community. B.E-Z !!!

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