Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony 2014

Russia blew the world away with it’s opening ceremony. So many lights and colors, I didn’t know how animated Russia’s culture is. I thought it was the best opening ceremony the Olympics has had in a long time. It told a story beautifully and the projector that was creating scenes for the floor of each segment of it was something I definitely haven’t seen before and was amazed. Here it is if you want to watch it. I recommend that you do:

Many were shocked that the Olympics are in Sochi this year, seeing as it has caused some drama having to increase the security at the games by a lot. But I support it being at Russia. So far, they have made the athletes and the people of Russia happy and excited, so I guess that’s what truly matters. I just can’t wait to watch Shaun White =) go USA, and here’s something to brighten your day if you haven’t seen it already: Russian Police sing Get Lucky

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