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Sochi Olympics Freestyle Skiing Men      Team USA’s free-skiers  Josh Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, and Nick Goepper, took home gold, silver and bronze in the first time ever ski slopestyle, making history. Josh with gold, Gus with silver and Nick with bronze. This sweep hasn’t happened since 1956 with the mens figure skating, and also in 2002 with the halfpipe snowboarding. Slopestlye is new to the Olympics and has been a favorite so far. With all the high jumps and close rails, it makes for an exciting and intense competition. Since the Olympics are in Sochi, the designers for the course have even thrown in a Russian doll to add to the obstacles for the riders. Here are their scores:

Joss Christensen (USA) – 95.80

Gus Kenworthy (USA) – 93.60

Nick Goepper (USA) – 92.40

To read more about these riders, here’s the link:

As for Shaun White, he didn’t have the Olympics he expected. He dropped out of the X Games so he can focus on Sochi, and once he got there, he also dropped out of slopestyle to focus on the halfpipe. He’s been practicing nonstop, trying to learn as many new tricks as possible which caused him to get hurt in the process. Being Shaun though, he doesn’t give up easily. Soon enough he finally landed the biggest tricks in snowboarding, and felt ready for the halfpipe. Come competition day though, he ended up placing in 4th. He went a little too big in his run and was shaky and a little unstable during it. He had the world on his shoulders because everyone wanted to see him get the gold metal 3 pete, but apparently it wasn’t in store for him this year.

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