Our Shows

Here, you can find our list of shows that run throughout the week! You can listen to WXUT – Toledo’s Only Alternative station on radio frequency 88.3 fm Monday through Friday from 8pm to 8am and all day on Saturday and Sunday. You can listen to us any time through RadioFlag!


Toledo’s Only Alternative – 8pm-8am


Love Science – 8pm-10pm
– More info TBA


Toledo’s Only Alternative – 8pm-8am


Stoppage Time – 7pm-8pm
– Tune-in every Thursday night for UT’s one and only Soccer talk show! Hosted by Jake Plagens, Stoppage Time will bring you the current and most exciting news of what’s going on in the world of Soccer each week, covering teams and players from all over the world, from the MLS here in the USA, to Europe’s top Premier Leagues, and some National Team talk. Toledo Women’s Soccer will be covered and talked about, as well, when their season is going on. Tune-in to stay up to date on the beautiful game!

The Glass City Showdown – 8pm-10pm
– Simon Baehr, Caleb Gill, and Ghiman Mckinney bring you UT’s Most Electric Sports Debate Show. The Glass City Showdown, which premiered in October, is WXUT’s sports debate show, with topics ranging from NCAA Football to the NFL, and everything in between! We also cover Rocket athletics and give updates on all things Toledo for that week. Have an opinion on sports? Tune in!

Left of the Dial – 10pm-12am
– Left of The Dial’s goal is to punctuate familiar and accessible music with difficult and obscure music that cannot be heard anywhere else on the radio. In between songs, Kurt Elfering (host) dives deep into the playlists- talking about specific labels, regional scenes, development of genres, and far more. Any one show could take you from rock and roll to grindcore, modern classical to free jazz, traditional music to harsh noise, and everything in between. Tune in every Thursday night to hear music like you’ve never heard it before!


UT News Flash – 7:30pm – 8pm
– Bailey Holmes-Sparks brings you the latest news around Toledo, the University of Toledo, and the world.

Radio Gaga – 8pm – 10pm
-“Radio, what’s new?”  Whether it’s a new release just hitting the charts or a hidden gem from the local music scene or a throwback to the 80’s, there’s something for every music fan on Radio Gaga- hosted by Zain Omair and Alyssa Plotts.


Theme Park – 9am-11am
– On September 16, 2001, Timster was scheduled to take to the air for his first show– then 9/11 happened. It didn’t feel quite right to play the same crazy playlist that he’d been obsessively crafting for the debut program. Instead, a playlist was created that was about flow and content – not about fitting a mold. Anger to mourning to patriotism to retaliation and the first show went in the books. Subsequent weeks saw an attempt to do a standard radio show but it proved to be more fun to pick songs that fit within certain guidelines and then weave them together into a musical tapestry that encompassed all musical genres. Fourteen years and the addition of the incomparable V-Roq to the team made the Theme Park the show as we know it today.

After Further Review – 11am-1pm
– More info TBA


Urban Education – 10am-12pm
– More info TBA

Musics of the World – 12pm-2pm
– Musics of the World offers music from a wide variety of cultures, hosted by Patrick, with announcements of world music happenings in the area and musical celebrations of world holidays and of musical greats who have recently passed.  The show strays from the world music format when a mood strikes or when the world warrants.  It has been in the Sunday noon to two time slot for over 20 years!  Archived programs can be found here.

Toledo's Only Alternative