WXUT was born November second 1990, that is when the station went on the FM air waves at 88.3 on the dial. Before that the station was called WERC (founded in 1969) and could only be heard in the dorms. WXUT is run by students at The University of Toledo, we are a non-commercial educational station. We invite students pursuing any major to join, as well as alumni and professors. The station used to have professional members however, is currently run entirely by students. The Student Broadcasting Organization (WXUT’s official name to the University) is overseen by a faculty adviser and the Dean of Students Office. WXUT currently shares the air waves of 88.3FM with WXTS licensed to the Toledo public schools. WXUT is licensed to the University of Toledo board of trustees. Please contact management with any questions. Information about WERC can be found in the University archives housed in the Canaday Center located in Carlson Library.